Deaths up 27% in December Due To Coronavirus

Deaths up To 27% Due to in December Coronavirus, covid-19

Bangladesh Covid-19

Death from coronavirus in December,

Last December coronavirus, 915 people died in Corona. Earlier, 721 people died in November. July is the deadliest month in the country since a corona infection was detected in March last year.

On average, 41 people died every day in that month. The death toll has dropped for three months in a row but has risen again since November. Last October, an average of 22 people died per day. In November, it increased to 24 people. The situation has further deteriorated in December.

Winter in nature in this country of conspiracy season has started in mid-December. However, winter has been felt since the last week of November. The winter weather will remain until mid-February. Research is underway around the world to find out if the weather has anything to do with coronary heart disease (Covid-19). There have been several such studies in Bangladesh. Some studies have shown a correlation between temperature and exposure to sunlight.

December coronavirus,

Although the rate of coronavirus infection has decreased in the country, the death rate has not decreased at all. On the contrary, the number of deaths due to corona is increasing.

Compared to last November, the number of deaths in December has increased by 26.90 percent. An average of 30 people a day died in the last month of the outgoing year.

An image was obtained by analyzing the data provided by the Department of Health on the status of corona infection.

Meanwhile, the number of corona tests has decreased for a few days. Public health experts say at least 20,000 tests are done daily, but the country has never had 20,000 samples tested in a single day.

Again, 11.75 percent of the samples tested in the country so far are for foreign passengers. Foreigners basically test to get a negative certificate. Among them, the infection detection rate is less than 2 percent.

But the test results of these expatriate passengers are also shown as total identification, so the exact situation of the infection is not understood.

IEDCR consultant Mushtaq Hossain told that there was reluctance among the people to get the corona tested. Many are getting treatment from home. Going to the hospital if the situation gets complicated at the last minute. Then they are struggling to save their lives. The government needs more proactive initiatives to encourage people to get tested.


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