9 surrender to quit militancy

9 surrender to quit militancy to return to normal life


9 surrender to quit militancy to return to normal life

9 surrender to quit militancy to return to normal life

Not to leave militancy and return to normal life, the person has ‘surrendered’. They surrendered at a function at the RAB headquarters in the capital’s Kurmitola on Thursday.

The RAB has taken the initiative to rehabilitate the nine unconditionally after assuring them to return to normal life. This information was given by RAB today.

The nine persons are Shaon Muntaha Ibn Shawkat (34) of Sylhet, Nusrat Ali Juhi (29), Abida Jannat (17) of Comilla, Abdur Rahman Sohel (28), Mohammad Hossain alias Hasan Gazi (23) of Chandpur. Saifullah (38), Md. Jhenaidah. Saiful Islam (31), said Chuadanga. Abdullah Al Mamun (26) and Md. Saidur Rahman (22).

The RAB said six of the nine who surrendered were active members of the JMB and three of Ansar al-Islam. They realized their mistake and expressed their determination to return to normal life. They contacted the RAB about rehabilitation. In his view, they ‘surrendered’ today.

In order to return to normal life, RAB has rehabilitated nine persons
In order to return to normal life, RAB has rehabilitated nine persons | Picture: Prothom Alo

The RAB said the nine became involved in militancy and were separated from their families. They fled to different places. They could not use their real names anywhere. All in all, they are emotionally upset. Everyone can misunderstand themselves. Later they decided to surrender through RAB. RAB encouraged them in this regard. Gives the opportunity to surrender unconditionally.

According to the RAB, they have rehabilitated nine people with the aim of returning to normal life. In addition, law enforcement will continue to monitor them so that they do not re-engage in militancy.

According to the RAB, Shawn joined Hizb ut-Tahrir while studying at a government university in Sylhet. In 2009, he joined Ansar al-Islam. He married medical student Nusrat in 2011. Nusrat also became involved in militancy. Later they moved to Dhaka under the direction of the organization. Involvement in militancy created distance between Shaon and Nusrat and their relatives. There is unrest in family life. Realizing their mistake, they contacted the RAB and ‘surrendered’

Abida married a member of Ansar al-Islam in 2016 without informing her family after being attracted to extremism. He later told acquaintances he wanted to return to normal life. On Shawn’s advice, he decided to surrender.

Sohail was a member of the JMB. He was arrested in 2016 in a case filed by Siddhirganj police station in Narayanganj. He was released on bail in 2016 and resumed his militant activities. When the arrest warrant was issued again, he went into hiding. He contacted the RAB to return to normal life.

Mohammad Hossain used to work as a construction worker in Dhaka in 2012. He joined JMB through Saifullah. He later decided to surrender.

Madrasa student Saifullah joined JMB through a classmate. When some of his accomplices were arrested, he fled. At one point he was emotionally broken. He later decided to surrender.

Saiful, a graduate of the National University, joined JMB as a student. The three carried out organizational activities in their own area Jhenaidah. He fled when some of his members were caught by law enforcement. He is divorced. He was emotionally broken. He later decided to surrender.

Mamun and Saidur were inspired by the JMB ideology by watching videos of militancy. Many of their comrades went into hiding in the face of anti-militant operations. They became isolated from their peers. Move away from family too. At one point they decided to surrender.

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Benazir Ahmed, RAB Director General Chowdhury Abdullah Al-Mamun, and others were present at the surrender ceremony.

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