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black hole in space:

Even in the difficult times of Corona, the youth of Bangladesh are matching themselves. In the new reality, moving forward in new ventures. Informing the immense power of youth. In the Bengali New Year, promising young people in various fields, who have already shown their signature talents, have published a special issue with them on ‘Holidays’. Even in 1426 BS, ‘bright days’ have brought bright youngsters. Among them is astronomer Tanima Tasnim

black hole in space
black hole in space | picture: internet

in 2017. I received a message from Science News in the United States. I was added to the list of 10 scientists under the age of 40 that year. Immediately two things became clear 71. Science News made a big mistake; 2. Since I got it, this honor is undoubtedly very readily available!

Going to see the science news of 2020, my eyes are wide open. Scientist Tanima Tasnim, popularly known as Ananya, has been recognized by Science News as one of the 10 Notable Scientists of 2020. What is more proud is that he is a Bangladeshi. Only 29 years old. There is an infinite potential future ahead.

Dr. Tanima is a physicist. I took two classes in physics while studying at university. The matter was so obscure and uninteresting that I passed out Somehow and breathed a sigh of relief. Glad I didn’t have to study physics anymore. Even then I tried to understand the work of Tanima Tasnim to know about the success of a Bangladeshi scientist that day. Simply put, his work can help provide new information and doctrines about the workings of space. Immediately the idea about science news changed completely. This honor from Science News is certainly quite rare. Although they made me ‘wrong’ with this award in 2016, Tanima is undoubtedly worthy of this rare recognition from Science News and has infinite potential.

Tanima Tasnim has discovered new information about the black hole. You may ask, what is the black hole? Black holes are the lifeblood of any galaxy. The gravity of the black hole is so strong that even light cannot be reflected from there. So the black hole is out of our sight. If you want to know any information about black holes, you have to make an approximate idea using a special telescope. When Dr. with several datasets of this kind of telescope. Tanima started researching, and immediately there was a big obstacle. The information from the telescope is insufficient to know about all the black holes.

The way then? It was here that Tanima added a different dimension and became unique to all other physicists. Machine learning is a branch of computer science. The main feature of this branch is the computer If he teaches an example of something, he learns the rest by himself. However, learning machine learning is not very easy. Must have skills in computer programming, mathematics, and statistics. Despite being a student of physics, Tanima learned to use machine learning very quickly. He created a new model using machine learning algorithms with information from a telescope. The model has surprised everyone by being able to explain all the black holes found so far. In astrophysics, no one has used machine learning technology to solve this problem before 2016. The secret of Tanima Tasnim’s success lies in the combination of the latest technology in physics.

The type of education has changed a lot lately. Science, technology, design, art, medicine — everything is the same. The education system is also being given ‘Ghonta’. The next generation is being thrown into a ‘mess’ education system without putting anyone at a certain table. Dr. Tanima Tasneem is a successful example of this ‘messy’ education system.


Writer: Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Rochester, USA

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