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Publish guidelines for opening educational institutions, the way classes will be

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Publish guidelines for opening educational institutions:

Publish guidelines for opening educational institutions, the way classes will be

The Department of Secondary and Higher Education (Maushi) has directed the educational institutions to ensure the safety of students, teachers, and staff by February 4. The Department of Secondary and Higher Education has published a guideline with this. According to the guideline, it has been planned to open the institution in compliance with the hygiene rules. It has been said that the educational institution will use its own funds to prepare the opening budget. At the same time, it has been asked to be ready to open the educational institution by ensuring the health and safety of the students as soon as the order of the higher authority is received.

The issue of health protection of students has been given utmost importance in the guidelines for opening educational institutions. Classroom benches have been asked to be placed at a distance of three feet. A student of fewer than five feet in length and two students in a bench of five to seven feet in length may conduct classes according to hygienic guidelines. It has also been suggested to check the temperature with a thermometer before entering the school.

Publish guidelines for opening educational institutions
Publish guidelines for opening educational institutions | picture: internet

How many people will sit on the bench

If the length of the bench is less than five feet to maintain social distance, one student can sit on each bench. If the length of the bench is five to seven feet, two students can sit on each bench. If the length of the bench is five feet or more, then 12 students can sit on six benches, two on each bench.

Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation

Mausi spoke of a few steps to reopen the institution. The steps considered in this guideline for re-opening the educational institution are-

  1. To plan for the management of safe educational institutions.
  2. To prepare educational institutions.
  3. Safe launch of educational institutions.
  4. Taking steps to prevent the spread of corona during educational activities.

The guideline titled ‘Re-opening of educational institutions in compliance with public health and hygiene rules considering the Covid-19 situation’ calls for ensuring cleanliness, health protection, making the educational institution attractive and hygienic before opening a school-college. The instruction is to shift the students to a safe distance, sit in the classroom, take co-educational activities for the first 15 days, create a pleasant environment, and do not take any test within two months. The 39-page guideline was developed in collaboration with UNICEF. Considering the Covid-19 situation as a new normal, it has been mentioned that this guideline can be used by all educational institutions under the Ministry of Education.

Measures to prevent the spread of infection

Necessary steps should be taken to monitor the health of everyone while entering the educational institution every day to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Necessary measures should also be taken to make it compulsory for all to wear masks so that students can take part in educational activities and move around in educational institutions while maintaining a physical distance.

Conducting safe education activities

The number of teachers and students present in the educational institution has to be calculated. Following the hygiene rules, it will be planned how many people can be brought in the same shift to conduct educational activities. In that case, it has to be placed at a distance of 3 feet. The list of students should be made based on the needs of the students and the opinion of the parents and the capacity of the institution.

Enjoyable educational activities

It has been instructed to take a plan of safe and enjoyable learning activities to relieve the students from the stress created by the closure of educational institutions for a long time. The first 15 days of the educational activities, how many learning activities and how long psychosocial activities will be planned. The first one or two weeks should be spent on various types of sports and co-educational activities without focusing on curriculum-based learning. Psychosocial support and mental and physical activities for students include instruction in sports, meditation, yoga, planting and tending trees, music practice, painting, social work. No formal examination or assessment can be arranged within the first two months of the commencement of the educational institution which may create pressure on the student.

Preparation of educational institutions

Assignment of responsibility for cleaning activities including the application of necessary disinfectants as per plan, proper handwashing system for a period of 20 seconds, and hanging posters in visible places.

Measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19

In this case, contactless thermometers should be installed and arrangements should be made to send them home or to the health center if the temperature rises. Marking should be done at the entrance of the institution and at a distance of 3 feet from the place where the parents are sitting. Masks should be provided for everyone so that no student is deprived of educational activities for the sake of masks. The hotline number should be posted in a visible place in coordination with the local administration and health department

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