mega millions past winning numbers

mega millions past winning numbers, and how to win 298$ million USD from anywhere


mega millions past winning numbers, and how to win 298$ million US Mega Millions jackpot this weekend:

mega millions past winning numbers:

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Draw Date Winning Numbers Mega Ball Megaplier Estimated Jackpot Jackpot Winners
01/12/2021 12 – 14 – 26 – 28 – 33 9 2 $625 Million Roll
01/08/2021 3 – 6 – 16 – 18 – 58 11 2 $520 Million Roll
01/05/2021 20 – 43 – 51 – 55 – 57 4 2 $447 Million Roll
01/01/2021 8 – 24 – 53 – 68 – 69 7 5 $401 Million Roll

Anyone anywhere in the world can win 298$ million US Mega Millions jackpot this weekend.

In the last few days, many of us have taken precautions from home. Some people have a habit of playing the lottery but it is not possible to go out and buy tickets. In any case, the prize money for our local draw is much lower than the US lottery. But what else can be done, it is not possible to buy lottery after crossing the US!

But no worries. You have the US Mega Millions lottery. The highest jackpot in the world at the moment:  298 million. The full prize money will be given in next Friday night’s game. Powerball lotteries are therefore quite popular with lottery lovers around the world. But the most interesting thing is that anyone in India can be a partner in this huge prize money.

Many remember that in October 2016, one lucky winner won a total jackpot of 1.536 billion US dollars. This year’s jackpot may not be a world record, but ৮ 298 million is not a small prize.

How to win 298 million jackpot anywhere in the world?

  1. You need to open an account at LottoSmile. is one of the world’s leading lottery retailers.
  2. There are more than 50 lottery opportunities on this site. Choose Powerball Lottery from among them.
  3. Choose the ticket of your favorite number, or take the ticket of any number selected by the computer.
  4. Decide how many lines you want to play, or play with a lottery syndicate.
  5. Confirm Ticket Purchases. Diameter, you are ready for the next draw.

How does LottoSmile? work? is a ticket messenger service. LottoSmile. buys lottery tickets on behalf of buyers from around the world through local agents in the United States. A low-cost surcharge is added to the ticket price. A copy of the ticket is uploaded to the buyer’s account before the draw. E-mail confirmation of the site is also sent.

At, buyers can buy tickets for the world’s largest lottery games, such as Powerball, Mega Millions, Euro Millions, The Italian Superenalotto, Eurojackpot, and many more. LottoSmile. also maintains a full-time support team to assist buyers, so that buyers do not have any problems.

What happens if you win the lottery?

If you win the lottery jackpot at, the whole prize money is yours! In this case, no commission is taken from the winner. The entire prize money is transferred to his protected personal account, from where the person can withdraw money whenever he wants. However, if you win the jackpot, you may have to go to the lottery office to collect the prize money. In that case, LottoSmile. helps you to collect lottery money with a lawyer for free.

In the last few years, LottoSmile. has distributed more than 98 million worth of prizes to more than 5 million people around the world. One of the biggest winners on the site was a Panamanian woman who won 30 million for playing Florida Lotto, and an Iraqi man who won an 8.4 million Oregon mega box jackpot.

It is possible to win the Powerball Jackpot at any time and the next draw is coming soon. So the next winner can be anyone from India! For more information visit

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