Klete Keller

Olympic gold medalist Klete Keller seen in Capitol attack

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Olympic gold medalist Klete Keller seen in Capitol attack:

According to reports, two-time Olympic gold medalist swimmer Keller found himself among a crowd of Capitol supporters during last week’s uprising.

A video posted to Twitter by a Townhall media reporter showed a person believed to be Keller standing within the middle of a gaggle pushing against cops trying to evacuate the roundabout.
The man appears to be wearing a jacket with the letters “USA” on the back.

The New York Times and Washington Post said they spoke to former teammates and coaches who identified the man in the video as Keeler.
NBC News has not been able to independently verify that the former Olympian was involved, and calls to the numbers listed for him were not immediately answered on Wednesday.
USA Swimming said it had been conscious of the reports.

“We respect the rights of people and groups to protest peacefully, but don’t condemn the actions of these taken within the Capitol last week,” a spokesman said during a statement.
Us Olympic and Paralympic Group said it “condemns the violent action of the rioters.”
The committee said, “We support the proper to protest peaceably and to respect values and attitudes during a respectful and legal manner – this is often what makes democracy strong. Unluckily, in this case, this has not happened.”

Klete Keller
Olympic gold medalist Klete Keller seen in Capitol attack | Picture: Swimswam

Keller, 38, has not openly commented on her unproven participation with the Capitol, which was first reported by the swimming website Swimswam.
The athlete, who was a teammate of Michael Phelps, was part of three US Olympic teams. He won the gold medal in the 4×200 meter relay team event in Athens 2004 a The agency stated, and Beijing in 2008. He won a silver medal in this event at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

USA Swimming stated that it was last registered as a member in 2008. After being retired from the game, Keller worked as an independent contractor for Hoff & Leh, a brokerage firm in Colorado Springs.

The agency said during a statement that Keller resigned on Tuesday.

The agency said, “Hoff and Leh provision the proper to free speech and bonafide protest, but we cannot condemn actions that violate the rule of law.”
“We are happy with our deep-rooted core values of family, loyalty, community, and leadership. We want to stand behind these values.”
Hundreds of Trump supporters disbanded the Capitol in protest of the Electoral College vote, confirming President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in Wednesday’s November election. Five people, including a police officer, died.

Acting US attorney Mike Sherwin in Washington said last week that 55 people have been charged with a variety of crimes, including unlawful penetration, assault, theft, and gun allegations in connection with the riots.

Sherwin said federal and local investigators are searching social media for photos and videos of suspects involved in illegal activities and will be arrested as soon as possible. No video has surfaced of Keller participating in a violent incident at the Capitol.

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