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Mark Rutte has resigned over allegations of corruption

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Mark Rutte has resigned over allegations of corruption

Mark Rutte has resigned:

Allegations of corruption have led to the fall of the government in the Netherlands. The country’s prime minister, Mark Rutte, and his cabinet resigned on Friday.

Experts say the resignation of the entire government in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic could lead to political instability in the Netherlands.

Authorities in the Netherlands have accused thousands of parents of resorting to fraud in receiving child allowances, the AFP news agency reported. Many of them have been forced to repay large sums of money, leaving many families in financial ruin.

The BBC reports that Mark Root, the newly elected former prime minister of the Netherlands, told reporters in The Hague after submitting his cabinet resignation letter to the king that many innocent people have been thrown into the criminal queue. Their lives have been ruined. This responsibility falls on the cabinet.

Mark Root told reporters, ‘We all agree that the whole system has failed. So everyone has to take responsibility together. Concluding on this, today (Friday) I have submitted my resignation letter to the entire cabinet to the king. ‘He said the national election will be held in mid-March. Until then, he and members of his cabinet will serve as a caretaker government.

The Dutch leader added that the rule of law must be in place to protect the people. But in this case, disaster has occurred. Mark Rutte said the fight against the Corona would continue, with the Netherlands thus becoming leaderless in the coronavirus. The caretaker government will continue to work in the interest of the country.

But Dutch Finance Minister Eric Webbs says he is no longer in government. His resignation will take effect from now on.

Mark Rutte resignation
The Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte came out of the palace on a bicycle after submitting his resignation letter to the King. | Picture: Reuters

According to a parliamentary inquiry, between 2013 and 2019, government officials withdrew government allowances alleging fraud against thousands of families. Many families have been forced to repay large sums of money. The report of the parliamentary inquiry said that many families have become destitute due to these incidents.

A parliamentary inquiry into the country in December found that between 2013 and 2019, government officials cut off government allowances, accusing thousands of families of cheating. Many families have been forced to repay large sums of money. The report of the parliamentary inquiry said that many families have become destitute due to these incidents.

According to media reports in the Netherlands, about 26,000 families have been victims of this injustice by government officials. In addition, 11,000 people have dual citizenship, so tax officials have discriminated against them. Allegations of fraud were leveled against these people and other allowances including child welfare benefits were also stopped.

According to the BBC, one mother reported that the authorities had demanded a refund of 48,000 euros (about 50 lakh Taka in Bangladeshi currency) on allegations of fraud against her. He tried to make a mistake but it didn’t work. Conversely, the authorities began to cancel his child welfare allowance and other benefits. At one stage his house was in arrears and the power supply to his house was cut off. He also lost his job. No one else offered him a job because he was accused of cheating.

One guardian told the media that there are people in the cabinet who have allowed such injustices to happen. Not only that, but they have also tried to cover up this injustice.

The victims filed a case against three former cabinet ministers and two former ministers, including opposition leader Asher, on Tuesday. In this incident, the demand for Rut’s resignation was getting stronger. The issue was on the verge of a vote of confidence in parliament. The crisis was exacerbated when the leader of the opposition Labor Party in the Netherlands, Ludwig Asher, resigned on Thursday. He was the social welfare minister in Root’s previous government. This was followed by the announcement of the resignation of Route’s entire cabinet.

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